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Our Easter celebration

Our Easter celebration

....and it was beautiful weather >
At our yard is spring time the best…

At our yard is spring time the best…

Children are good explorers... >
Field trip to Zoo farm in Radonice

Field trip to Zoo farm in Radonice

We recommend to visit:) >
Theme: human body

Theme: human body

We are talking about bones, muscles, skin, organs and much more. >


May 20 - 24
MonSnack: mandarin birthday cake for Sárinka, fruit
Soup: lentil soup with sour cabbage
Main: small kebabs, boiled potatoes, pear compote
Snack: cereal bread with hummus, fruit, veggies
TueSnack: curd yogurt with hemp seed, fruit
Soup: beef soup with cabbage dropping
Main: rabbit with garlic and natural sauce, stewed rice
Snack: whole-wheat bun with veggie spread, fruit, veggies
WedSnack: French toast with cinnamon, fruit
Soup: leek soup with carrot
Main: african catfish steak in herbs, boiled potatoes, stewed corn with peppers
Snack: apple-banana sauce, fruit, veggies
ThrSnack: muesli with organic milk, fruit
Soup: vegetable soup with peas and cous-cous
Main: turkey with creamy sauce and bean pods, homemade yeast dumplings with carrot
Snack: sunflower seed bread with butter and hard boiled egg, fruit, veggies
FriSnack: white plain cream cheese with goji, fruit
Soup: chicken ragout soup
Main: chicken on paprika, pasta
Snack: cereal bun with fish spread, fruit, veggies

Theme of the month



This month we will continue with the theme of "five senses", we will count the cubes by touch, play the ophthalmologist and play the game "Know the pet by sound". We will go for a trip to the Zoofarm in Radonice. We will observe insects (with our magnifying glasses) in our garden, which is already crawling out of its hiding places. We will learn closely what insect is living on our yard. Easter is a traditional holiday of spring, not only do we become acquainted with traditions, but we also experience them together: will create a giant colored Easter egg using a cotton string and liquid starch, and of course we will decorate our own eggs and bake Easter pastry Beránek. We'll make 2 experiments with eggs. We introduce children to Easter symbols: Easter eggs, lamb, bunny, various Easter eggs by regions, Easter carols. On April 17th, children take part in great Easter competitions with traditional searching for lost eggs and we’ll be roasting sausages and apples in the garden. April 23 we are participating in the Earth Day event at the Ecocenter Prales, Kbely. The event focuses on environmental and waste issues. We'll be talking about Earth Day theme all week and we're going to recycle our garbage together, teach children about the danger of air, water and soil pollution. We would like to teach children a gentle approach to things around us, to draw attention to various materials that, when recycled, do not end their journey, but they can serve us even further.

English: vocabulary- touch, rough, smooth, smell, sour, sweet, Easter, egg hunt, insect, build, recycle, protect, material…

Books: "The very hungry caterpillar" by Eric Carle, "I love bugs" by Philomen Sturges, Velikonoce” od Dagmar Šottnerové, “Krtkovy Velikonoce” od Zdeňka Milera, “Recyklace- Jak to žije” od Christiane Engel

Rhymes or songs:  “Rain, Rain, go away….”, “Dešťové kapičky, dostaly nožičky...“

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