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Theme: winter birds

Theme: winter birds

Practicing fine motor skills... >
Building a bird feeder

Building a bird feeder

The Great tit is the most common bird in our yard. They love mostly sunflower seeds. >
Picking up leaves with a clothes pin

Picking up leaves with a clothes pin

Improving fine motor skills. >


February 22 - 26
MonSnack: curd yogurt with hemp seed, fruit
Soup: vegetable broth with corn and sorghum
Main: fried cod fish with coconut, mashed potatoes, tartar sauce Bionea, fruit, veggies
Snack: whole-wheat bun with veggie spread, fruit, veggies
TueSnack: muesli with organic milk and almonds, fruit
Soup: cream soup with dill, eggs and mushrooms
Main: marinated turkey with zucchinis, pasta, fruit, veggies
Snack: sunflower seed bread with butter and hard boiled egg, fruit, veggies
WedSnack: homemade fruit pie, fruit
Soup: beef broth with peas and rice
Main: beef stewed with carrot, boiled potatoes, fruit, veggies
Snack: cereal bread with hummus, fruit, veggies
ThrSnack: white plain cream cheese with goji, fruit
Soup: soup with yellow peas and vegetables
Main: chicken on paprika, whole homemade yeast dumpling, fruit, veggies
Snack: apple-banana sauce, fruit, veggies
FriSnack: French toast with cinnamon, fruit
Soup: chicken soup with rye flakes
Main: turkey with natural sauce, sausages and pickled cucumber, stewed rice, fruit, veggies
Snack: cereal bun with fish spread, fruit, veggies

Theme of the month


Week one: Dental care

Week two: Winter sports, Valentines day

Week three: Winter Olympics

Week four: Winter clothes

A detailed lesson plan for each theme will be attached to the notice board. Each weekly plan includes vocabulary, math, writing, dramatic play, book, and retelling, song, craft, environmental message, fine and gross motor skills, sensory activity, experiment.

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