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Teaching children to recycle…

Teaching children to recycle…

We participate in the event Earth Day in Kbely, we are teaching our children to respect our nature.... >
Our Easter celebration

Our Easter celebration

....and it was beautiful weather >
At our yard is spring time the best…

At our yard is spring time the best…

Children are good explorers... >
Field trip to Zoo farm in Radonice

Field trip to Zoo farm in Radonice

We recommend to visit:) >


June 24 - 28
MonSnack: gluten free cereals, organic milk, fruit
Soup: beef broth with root vegetables and naked oats
Main: pork stewed with cabbage, boiled potatoes, fruit, veggies
Snack: whole wheat bun with egg spread, fruit, veggies
TueSnack: plain farm yogurt with goji, fruit
Soup: chickpea soup with marjoram
Main: turkey with natural sauce, potato dumplings, creamy spinach, fruit, veggies
Snack: whole wheat bun with honey butter, fruit, veggies
WedSnack: apple sauce, fruit
Soup: garlic soup with vegetables and whole croutons
Main: gratinated sea pike with vegetables and cheese, potato puree, fruit, veggies
Snack: whole wheat bun with tuna spread, fruit, veggies
ThrSnack: homemade yogurt pie with oatmeal, fruit
Soup: cumin soup with eggs
Main: spaghetti pasta with chicken, broccoli and cheese sauce, fruit, veggies
Snack: wheat bread with red pepper spread, fruit, veggies
FriSnack: muesli with organic milk and chia seeds, fruit
Soup: chicken broth with vegetables and cous-cous
Main: turkey with carrot, stewed rice, fruit, veggies
Snack: cereal bread with cream cheese Matylda, fruit, veggies

Theme of the month



This month we will start with the summer theme "picnic", we will talk about what to do and what to eat at the picnic, we will make a picnic potato salad, create a picnic blanket collage. In the next week, we will be preparing for Father's Day, we will make gifts for dads and fill out a questionnaire about daddy. We will talk about the occupations of our dads and we will have a career day (dramatic play: police, detective play "what has changed here", doctor, mechanic…). We try to shave (with a comb) like our dads. In the penultimate week, we will focus on the means of transport, we will make a car shed for cars and a garage. We will prepare a car and motorcycle wash outside. The last week of the month, we learn a lot about dinosaurs, freeze the little ones into ice egg and dig them out and defrost them, make the scale of the biggest dinosaurs in real life, will make experiment “volcano with lava", make dinosaur footprints into the salt dough. We will go to the theater of the performance "Šíleně smutná princezna" to Horní Počernice. The bats' rescuers from the Ecocentre Nyctalus will come to our nursery, they bring various species of bats and talk about the life and usefulness of these creatures.


English: - vocabulary-picnic, blanket, basket, potato salad, Father’s Day, jobs, career, detective, dinosaur, scooter, helicopter, garage, volcano, omnivore, herbivore, carnivore ...


Books: “The perfect picnic” by Ciara Flood, “The watermelon seed” by Greg Rizzoli, “Things that go” by Deborah Murrell, “The Most… Vehicles” by Anne Baumann


Rhymes or songs: "Jožin z bažin", "Apples and bananas"

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