Program for children<br/>from 12 months old

Program for children
from 12 months old

We have the same goal as you: that your child is safe and happy at the same time to develop in all directions from the very beginning.

Always open <br/>10 hours per day

Always open
10 hours per day

For busy parents, we are open from 7:30AM to 5:30PM.

Program for child's comprehensive development

Program for child's comprehensive development

Children experience everything they need ,
to be well-balanced boys and girls.


By passionate teachers to inspiring and healthy environment.
Our team believes that we create an environment where children will love to go to. In this safe child care setting we create fertile ground for raising a healthy self-confident, socially independent, mentally and physically mature children who are ready for school and successful future life.

Individual approach

Our teachers are trained to assist each child individually. Each teacher works with a small group of toddlers. This way each child receives maximum attention. We recognize that every child has its own pace so we carefully and safely prepare activities and daily programs.


Our menu is prepared from fresh local ingredients. Balanced and varied diet provides catering company Bionea which delivers hot lunches in organic quality. Fresh fruit and vegetables are served all day. Drinks (unsweetened tea, water, milk) are available all day. We realize the importance of toddler’s nutrition habits. Therefore, we closely cooperate with parents. Older toddlers can eat daily lunches (Bionea) and snack with other children or parents can provide their own food in closed signed containers.


Toddler's daily notes

Based on detailed notes from child’s day we prepare a daily report on progress, rituals, sleep habits, favorite activities and eating habits. We work with parents on their decisions regarding important step in a child's life (training potty, testing a new diet, etc.)

Open door policy

Open door policy allows parents to come at any time without notice. We like to engage parents in school activities, for example reading for children after lunch, invite them for recitals, garden parties, masquerade balls, pumpkin festivals or Easter egg hunt. This way we create one community with the same goal.