English conversational language <br/>during all day

English conversational language
during all day

Three whole days a week ( Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) we speak only English which gives children not invasive natural language transmission into a multilingual child.

Opening hours are <br/>10 and half hours

Opening hours are
10 and half hours

For busy parents we are open from 7AM to 6:30PM. We are also available on the weekends and overnight.

Most of our time we spend <br/>outside

Most of our time we spend

We have our own 9700 ft2 yard which we use all the time. We grow our own vegetables and flowers, doing birdwatching, sports Olympics and building great sand castles.


By passionate teachers to inspiring and healthy environment.
Our team believes that we create an environment where children will love to go to. In this safe child care setting we create fertile ground for raising a healthy self-confident, socially independent, mentally and physically mature children who are ready for school and successful future life.


Our menu is prepared from fresh local food and food certified CEFF- food without unnecessary chemicals. A varied and balanced diet consists of a morning snack, organic lunch, afternoon snack and late snacks. According to the child's needs, we provide special meals such as specific diet, vegetarian and gluten free. We prepare snack ourselves. We prepare the whole day nutrition food that provides children with sufficient energy value, fresh fruits and vegetables is commonplace.

Educational program with emphasis
on child's versatile development

Every child deserves experiences which help him/her to reach healthy and harmonious life. For that reason we include in each day: morning circle, literary activities, singing, dramatic play, art, number and letter recognition, gross motor movements, fine motor skills, science & discovery, our garden


Fun adventure
with extra activities

Every August we prepare for children sleepover in the school with the fun program (sleeping in the tent, treasure hunt, roasting sausages over campfire, popcorn & movie, flashlight fun…). Every six weeks we visit a nearby theater for children. Once a week we have lots of fun in our Satalice sokolovna.

Adaptation program
available according child's needs

Come and stay with your child to help him/her to get to know the new environment. This process is very individual and we do our best to provide a smooth and calm transition in this big change in child’s and parent’s lives.