Our day

We are open whole day from 7:30AM to 6 PM. You can pick the length of attendance and days from one-half day to full time.

Routines give children a sense of control and belonging, helping them establish how they fit into the larger paradigm of the classroom.

7:30 – 9AM Children arrive at school, art, free play, dance, reading, singing
9 – 9:30AM Morning circle (academic part of the day according to the weekly theme)
9:30 – 10:15AM Hygiene and snack
10:15 – 12PM Outside play
12 – 1PM Hygiene, lunch, ready for nap/quiet time, pick-up time at 12:30
1 – 2:45 PM Reading and quite time
2:45 – 3:30PM Hygiene and snack
3:30 – 6:PM Afternoon activities , outside play, pick-up time



YOGA- It is inspired by the animal world, nature and common things around us. Effortlessly teaches children to patience, realizing own body, correct breathing habits, and emotional balance. TUESDAYS AT 10 AM

DRAMATIC PLAY- Practicing dramatic play of children stories and fairytales is very popular. It supports imagination, communication, and social skills between children. We let children direct the play themselves.

EXPERIMENTS- The lab is prepared for children older than 3, 5 years. Each child has its own child-friendly experiment opportunity; we practice probability, guessing of results and logical thinking.

THEATER- Every 6 weeks we are visiting children’s theater at close by Horní Počernice (children 2,5 years old up).

SCHOOL PREP- It is offered mainly for 5-7 years old children or younger if they are ready. We are using the Kuliferda program which thoroughly prepares the children for school.

BAKING – we learn so much about baking but also important skill like wait for your turn and patience MONDAYS 3:30 pm

SOKOL – we visit the local Sokol, children enjoy an hour of entertainment and at the same time develop in the movement area, learn to cooperate with others, how to build confidence and sense of responsibility PÁTEK V 10H

And Something Extra…

ELEPHANT OLARE- We adopted an elephant orphan Olare from The David Sheldric  Wildlife Trust in Kenya. We are receiving periodically news about Olare’s life.

BIRTHDAY PARTIES- We are celebrating each child’s birthday together with a cake and a gift.

ADAPTATION PROGRAM- Come and stay with your child to help him/her to get to know the new environment. This process is very individual and we do our best to provide a smooth and calm transition in this big change in child’s and parent’s lives

We Care For Our Environment

For LITTLE ME is important to teach children from the early age how to gently care for nature and human’s impact on our environment.  We build a compact relationship between children and nature.


  • we recycle
  • have our own mini garden
  • eat local and seasonal produce from farmer’s market
  • don’t waste food, water, energy
  • use recycle material
  • recycle toys for Red Cross
  • our weekly theme includes minimal two environment activities